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Sponsorchip – the very lifeline of the underprivileged student

The majority of our students are from the remote, inaccessible and underdeveloped areas of the Nepali Himalayas where inclement weather is frequent. There are few roads that can be used by motor vehicles, there are no hospitals, there is no electricity, and there are no good schools.

Schools in the remote areas remain open only for certain months when the weather is favorable. It is commonplace for children to work in the fields, to do household chores like washing the dishes, or to look after their younger siblings. Many children have to walk distances to fetch water and firewood. Those children who do go to school often have to walk for miles to reach school, getting up early in the morning, and often reaching home in the evening dark.

Most of our children come from the Himalayan regions of Mustang, Langtang, Rasuwa, Nubri, Manang, Dolpo & Solokhumbu where language, culture and religion are largely Tibetan. Parents are poor and illiterate and face much hardship in their lives and so they realize the import_ance of education. But, these poor farmers and laborers do not have any means of income that could enable them to send their children to a quality school.

Thus, a schooling that might offer their children a standard modern education and promote their language and culture is simply beyond their reach. Such parents come to our school to seek admission for their children. Since it is our goal to help such needy people, we then seek sponsorships to enable us to realize their dreams.

Those who are interested in sponsoring a child can contact the following:

Mrs Doma Yangkyi