My name is Tsewang Ringzen and I am one of the most senior ex-student of Manjughoksha  Academy(MGA). I came to MGA in 1995 from a very remote area with a great hope. MGA has been truly home for me since the beginning and this is where the root of my life begins .
Education is the most important and it’s  an essential human virtue,,a necessity of society and basis of good life. But today ,hundreds of children lack behind due to financially difficulties and family supports, .I had faced financial difficulties during my schooling and was almost drop out .However, due to generosity and kind help from Dolma Ma’am and Sonam Ma’am , I was able to find a sponsor and got an opportunity to continue my study. Not only me, they have been helping to find sponsors for so many poor and needy children like me . They gave me a new life and new hope.
my sponsor is the greatest human being who came to my life and I truly consider him as a true angel .  Today I realized that supporting for the poor and needy children for their education is the biggest help that one can give,  knowing that, Me and few friends from western Tibet  founded an nonprofit organization called “Kailashzone Charitable Foundation ” in 2003 base in Kathmandu.  its mission is to help poor children of Himalayan both from Nepal and Tibet  for their education. This was my first step and beginning of my life in practically.
Today whatever i am , it’s because of Manjughoksha  and i truly feel that i am one of its product. I feel so proud of being a student of MAnjughoksha Academy and will always cherish it in my life.
Last not but the least , my special thanks goes to Yeshi Sir, Dolma Ma’am and Sonam Ma’am and of course all  the teachers and staff of MGA who supported me when I was in need. Thank you thank you once again
With regards.
Tsewang Rigzen