The Manjughoksha Academy was established in 1995 at Baudha, Tusal, Kathmandu. A group of teachers  saw a pressing need to establish a school for the many children of Tibetan refugees. and for those children from the remote areas of Nepal who had close cultural, linguistic and religious ties with the Tibetans. Although there were many schools in Nepal at that time, there were few that catered to the needs of these children. Thus, the school set its sights not only on  providing a standard modern education that kept up with advancing globalization and the modern world, but also on teaching the Tibetan language, and promoting and preserving Tibet’s unique culture.  A further requirement was that this education  be offered at an affordable price. His Holiness the Dalai Lama has always advised us about the importance of keeping our language, dharma and culture alive. And so it was realised that it was our responsibility and duty to provide a school curriculum that prioritised Tibetan cultural survival.